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Penetration Testing Services

Mobile App PenTest

Vulnerability testing for Android or iOS mobile based applications.

Web App PenTest

Vulnerability testing of website-based applications.

PenTest Class

Come on, become a Junior Pentester by joining our class! Taught directly by a professional mentor!

3 Penetration Testing Methods We Offer


Vulnerability testing without any information from the application.


Vulnerability testing by having little access such as low-level user credentials.


Open vulnerability testing, given all information such as low to high user credentials and given the source code of the client application.

Who Are We?

We are IT Security activists, especially in Penetration Testing.

Why Should We?

Because it is done by a professional team with extensive experience and knowledge.

Is client information secure?

100% we will keep the information we get from the client application confidential. is a Team that provides penetration testing services on mobile–Based on applications and websites.

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